How did you get into comics?
Reading comics made me want to draw them. At a beginning I adopted the styles of those artists I liked the most and what nowadays my drawings reflect, have a profound influence of that beginning.
What kind of comics do you like today?
Those with good arguments. At first, I may be attracted by the drawings, but then I cannot read them if they do not have an argumentative basis. I also enjoy watching the drawings, if they are good.
Which work did you enjoy the most?
It is always the last thing I do, because it means a new challenge. That does not mean it will be the best.
Which did you least enjoy?
I don´t remember any in particular. I must confess that every work gives me a great uncertainty; to seduce readers is not an easy task.
How long does it take you to make a full sheet?
5 or 6 hours. That time also depends on whether it is in black and white or color.
Do you use technology for your work?
Very little. I'm from the old guard and I need to see the final product on paper. In some cases and mostly coloring, I use the computer to give a better finish to the drawing.
Which stage of the drawing process do you enjoy the most?
The pencil. It is the creative part of the process because it highlights its own warmth, which is lost after inking. Another step I really enjoy is when finishing the page, using white, removing or adding details.